Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Finally did it! My dad came home with the proper ingredients, and I made a whole bunch of okonomiyaki. It turned out pretty good, but I wonder how I could have made it better. The dough was kind of flavorless and might have been better if I had actually used pancake mix instead of regular flour. I don't know.

I suppose I should have taken some pictures, but lately, if you haven't noticed, I've been a little lazy about posting pictures anyway! Hahaha! But if you don't know what okonomiyaki is, it's this pancake-like dish that has a lot of vegetables and meats cooked right in so that it ends up being this vegetable-meat cake thing. Then you put this okonomiyaki sauce on it which is this really sweet tasting sauce. And then, you typically put mayo on it, too, but I don't really like mayo so I didn't put it on there.

That was actually my first okonomiyaki experience but I've wanted to try it since middle school, so I'm glad I finally got to.


Finally Can Go Places Again

I've been being a home-body for the past week to week-and-a-half here of Summer. I've been quietly absorbing information in my room at odd hours of the night and just living it up here at home. However, last Wednesday, my car decided it wasn't going to work anymore. The Water pump gave out, and it sent coolant splattering all over my windshield (no hood on my car) and was leaking everywhere I went, pretty bad at some times. So my car was overheating a lot, and I had to get it fixed before I could drive it again.

So we went to the usual mechanic: Black Wrench Automotive, which is a small business run by a really awesome guy named Antoine.  If you're in Phoenix and want a good mechanic at a very good rate, go see Antoine at Black Wrench Automotive, that is, if you don't mind driving all the way out to 96th ave and Peoria.

Anyhow: I called him up the Friday after it broke because I was procrastinating big time due to my weird sleeping habits which permitted me to fall asleep at 11am and wake up sometime around 6pm, or to fall asleep around 2pm and wake up around midnight.

Anyhow... I found out he was out of town until Monday, and my dad did nothing even hinting that he wanted to get my car fixed asap. So I had to wait for Antoine to come back in town, and when he did, he was completely swamped with costumers! I had no ride back until several hours later when my mom offered, and my friend was pwnd from lack of sleep so he couldn't come get me and hang out.

But finally... finally it was finished!

So I get to be all drivin around and stuff again. I get some okonomiyaki sauce from nearby the mechanic place because I've been DYING to try it lately. It sounds delicious! And Im hoping my dad is gonna get the essential ingredients I need soon.

Annnyway... Corina texts me and asks if I want to go with her to get some presents for Travis's birthday. We ended up doing so, and we got a little somethin' for ourselves too. ^.~ After makin' our last stop just before they close, we head out to look for a place to hang out. (Sorry for being so vague about where we went and what we did in those places; just don't know all of who that ever reads this and wouldn't want anyone to give away secret birthday stuff!)

So we went to the park near her house, but there was LOTS of people there. So we didn't even stop. Then, we went to a park over by orangewood, and that one had people, too, but it was much bigger and had actually fewer people. So we found a bench and talked and drank, and then we also evaded cops like THREE times. The third time, we took off running cause Corina saw one in the park or something, and I waz like HO-SHI~! And we ranned. So we talked somewhere else for a while and I finished up the vodka that I had. Then we went back and the cop was gone annnnd that was pretty much the end of the night.

But it was a lot of fun. It definitely has been a while since I got out of the house and drinking in a park can be a lot of fun when you don't have people boggin' you down and making it all boring (esp. by being paranoid).

But that's everything that has happened as of late.


I also got my French book in the mail finally, which excites me because I know that without an early start on it, I will probably do poorly in it next semester. XD Wish me luck... (now where can I find some unused paper...?)


Sunday, June 20, 2010

What Do College Students Do Over the Summer Break?

You know... I don't really know. I suppose some of them go out and get jobs. Others, like me, laze around until the next semester comes along. Some travel (rich bastards!). Some... idk... I guess there's really limitless possibilities, including Summer School. But for me... I rediscover the kid in me!

Today, I just re-beat Pokemon Gold Version for Gameboy Color. Yep, that's right. Old school! Like this was the second generation of pokemon games to even come out (if you consider yellow to be part of the first, which people seem to). In fact, I ownd that game so hard that I beat Trainer Red (pokemon level 75-85) with my gimp level 55-60 pokemon. Granted, I had been perfecting that team since hour 1, and it was a very close match. But what matters is that I total just owned the hell out of that game!

Yep! And I'm totally excited about it too.

This is what I do for my Summer: I have fun. I enjoy myself. No reason to spend the whole year having heart attacks over exams, homework and test scores.