Saturday, October 9, 2010

Octoberfest... College Student Rejoice!

Okay, today is Saturday, perfect time for a celebration of German culture!

As a German myself (50%+ pure blood), I'm totally syked about Octoberfest. However, as a broke college student, it's kind of depressing. Hahaha. But I have some really great friends who are willing to show me a good time now and then, and thanks to them, I was able to go to Octoberfest and have myself a fantastic brat with some sourcraut and potato salad on top with some tangy mustard on a delicious roll.

It was a little disappointing as far as German festivals go. I was expecting a lot more live events, a lot more things to do, but at least there was beer and food, and that's the most important part.

As far as everything else goes, finals are next week and I haven't really studied at all. Hahaha. But I keep up so it shouldn't be too difficult.

Anyway, weekends are amazing, and I'm having a great time with my friends Travis, Corina, and Kara. We're about to take off to a park. So I'll write more later.

Tata, amigos.


Friday, October 8, 2010

Vendredi (Day 5)

The title is French for "Friday." This is because I have just finished my homework for today (Friday), and it was really hard. The concept itself didn't seem absurdly hard: it's imparfait and passe compose which are both past tense in french (one is used to describe scenes and continuous actions, while the other is used for interrupting actions and completed actions). However, for some reason, this was ridiculously hard! What was really difficult is just picking the right word to use for the blank, even when you understood both the sentence and the words you were supposed to use to fill in the blanks. This just leads me to believe that there are a lot of idiomatic phrases in it. At least I feel sure that I got "Tu te souviens qu' il pleuvait a verse?"  correct.

This has nothing to do with anything....
Anyway, today has been a rather non-surprising day so far. After rushing from my MUN meeting to the gym to work out and shower right before they closed, I headed here to the library where I did some things on the internet (including some homework for class) and went to sleep. I woke up plenty early but instead of being cautious and setting my alarm as I closed my eyes for a little more sleep, I ended up waking up just about the time class was starting. As a result, I ended up being just a bit late. However, were I still living at Thunder's, failure to wake up on time would almost certainly lead to me missing classes altogether.

Also, I've decided to forgo the MU After Dark tonight, despite how awesome it can be just because my mom extended a rather sincere invitation to me to come home and eat with them tonight, and since I have been lacking in "real" food all week, I am certainly eager to bite into something hot and freshly cooked.

I wonder if there is some way around this whole food issue...


Campus Hobo Community (Day 4)

I haven't posted all day, but given that I've been really good at posting consistently lately, I figured you guys would forgive me. Well, today is Thursday, which means I had a Model United Nations meeting again. It's always very exciting and I absolutely love it. In fact, if I could, I would go there every single day... except weekends. ;P

Okay, I don't know if I ever really explained anything going on in these meetings; so I will do so briefly. Basically, there are two conferences. We have one coming up in November that we're going to host for local high schools with about 100 students total. Then, there will be another conference in April we're going to called the Model United Nations Far West Conference held in San Fransisco. It seems like we have a few sizable constraints on us, mostly in concern with travel arrangements and lodging. In total, inflation included, we predict we'll need as much as $25,000 by December. We've made some good head-way, but at this rate, we may need to provide for our own plane tickets.

We're also representing 3 countries due largely to the fairly impressive turnout. As it is, we consistently have about 20 members attending, and although we probably have about twice that registered, that's fairly substantial, especially for a new organization, especially for one that requires actual research and such. We're going to be representing DPRK (Democratic People's Republic of Korea... North Korea or The "Best" Korea, depending upon who you ask), the UK, and Serbia. So this should be very interesting, especially since we have unofficial ties with MCC who is also attending.

I'm definitely looking forward to it.

Well, you're probably wondering how things are going for me as far as being on campus and all that goes. Well, I slept in relatively the same spot last night as I did the night before. It seems to work out well. Tonight, I'm going to try and utilize some towels, partly for a pillow and partly to give it an extra opportunity to kind of dry out because lately my shower towel hasn't dried completely even when I hold it under the hand drier. So getting it out of the locker and then using it might help with that, where as in the locker it can't hang properly due to the pile of clothes (in bags) underneath it. That should be interesting.

Students Sleeping On Couches and Chairs
I've also noticed a lot more people sleeping there as well. There was probably six or seven of them last night, and it makes me wonder if they were there the other night as well but that I didn't notice them because they left before I woke up or something. But as before, I woke up with little to no difficulty. It's fairly easy to wake up on your own in the library, and the only real grievance I'm having is that I'm having difficulty keeping my phone charged because I can't very well set it and forget it here (without it getting stolen) and the lack of fresh food.

I did get some money from my dad for food, which lasted about two days since food is rather expensive here at ASU, although I have had plenty of granola bars which usually do the trick, even though sometimes you're just left feeling rather starving. I don't really know fully how to deal with this, although I do feel like if I did have food stamps, it would work very well in my favor. Meh... it's a work in progress.

That's all for now, I suppose.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Living Dead (Day 3)

So any of you who read this are probably wondering about how my night was in the library. Well....... it was amazing! I mean, I guess amazing isn't the right word. It was rather satisfying though. I just went up to the 2nd floor (which seems like the 3rd floor due to the fact that the main level is on the "C" level) and just found a comfortable-looking chair and slept. Afterward, I realized that the wooden arm rests weren't horribly comfortable and just slept on the soft-padded bench things with my backpack as a pillow.

I got a good night's rest, feeling refreshed. I had some dreams, none of which I can remember (regretfully). But most importantly, I didn't even need an alarm clock to wake up. As expected, the surge of early-morning students in the library broke my unconscious slumber and woke me up a respectable time before my first class began. And since I had showered the night before and didn't have to make any plans for any other school preparations like travel, I was already there and already ready to go.

Between classes, I hit the gym, thinking I was going to go to my parents' later for some pizza (because I really haven't had a lot of good foods lately, mostly just granola), but I realized that I had already invited Jonathan to volleyball today and that I didn't particularly want to miss out on it either. It is really fun playing volleyball every week and getting to know new people. In fact, I'm also thinking about joining the fencing club and doing that every Tuesday. As a result, I would end up having a schedule that looked like this:
  • Classes: Monday-Friday from 930 or 1030a-2 or 3p.
  • Evenings... Monday: Nothing; Tuesday: Fencing; Wednesday: Volleyball; Thursday: Model United Nations; Friday: MU After Dark.
With something going on just about every single day, all of which are diverse and either mentally, socially or physically stimulating, all of which, except MUN, falling under all three categories (because it is not physically stimulating), how could I ever possibly want to leave this place?

For sure, this place is magical. And after I get my bachelor's degree and go on to get my master's degree, moving out of state to escape this awful weather, I will sincerely miss it. But at least I can live somewhere relatively cold, where hot weather is only somewhat uncomfortable rather than smoldering hot, where it rains frequently enough that just as I begin to miss it, it's there again, and in a place with a much wider diversity of new culture that I haven't been exposed to. However, I'm sure whatever university I transfer to will have its own magic. And seeing as how it would be a completely new experience to me (which is something I thoroughly enjoy), I will probably be too caught up in being exposed to such a new environment, community and surrounding to find anything bad with it.

(not an actual picture of what I ate)
Well, again, today was one of those glorious days where there was free food on campus. I would have to say that with all the organizations, the ASA especially, people and events going on, there is probably free food here more than 1 out of every 3 school days. Today was special though because it was something out of the ordinary. Usually, free food comes in the form of pizza. About 50% of the time that's what it is. However, sometimes, they have burritos, or sandwhiches, or some other awesome free food, but today, it was pita bread, pasta, and two really delicious kinds of hummus including cilantro jalapeno hummus.... omg it was delicious! LOVED IT!

Well, I decided I'd come here and give you guys the whats-new, especially since I've been so active on keeping you guys up to date ever since this whole thing went down. Later, I'm going to go get America's Taco Shop's carne asada burrito and endless tortilla chips with their delicious fresh salsa... omg... I can't wait!


Night 2: The Sleep Over

Okay, so tonight will be the first night that I actually spend at ASU completely. I mean, I had nearly did that during finals last semester, but I would drive home between endlessly working on essays and other homework assignments, and I would change and shower there. Now, I am actually showering here (and smelling great btw... now that all of my clean clothes are here and I gotten over being naked in the men's locker room, I actually stay cleaner and better smelling than I would have continuing to stay probably anywhere else).

I think the most important thing is that in being here Monday-Friday, not only am I able to alleviate any living expenses or drama that might happen between whom-so-ever I would be living with (in this case, my parents), given that my parents do actually provide me with free oat-bars and laundry services, as well as a place to stay over the weekend, making it incredibly plausible for me to be doing this, but there are also lots of other great benefits as well.

Some of those benefits include, but are not limited to: not having to go home at 11p just because the light rail would stop running, while at the same time, not having to pay ridiculous parking fees to try to avoid that problem. Also, I can participate and enjoy the myriad of events going on at ASU on campus. For instance, today, I ended up going to an innovation challenge meeting just because I had the time to do so. Since I was already here, I had the smallest transaction cost for attending, and therefore, I did.

Full-Body Bag
Furthermore, I can sleep basically whenever I feel like. I don't have to worry about getting anywhere later so if I go to sleep I'm already exactly where I need to be. Also, most of my friends live within a mile of a light rail stop, meaning that I can visit them anytime before midnight (given that I would get on the light rail as late as 11p to go visit) and still wouldn't have to worry too much because I could crash on one of their couches or just go to my parents' house, or even just sleep in my car, or not... I could stay awake until the light rail ran again and then go to classes and fall asleep afterwards. So many options!

Basically, there are a lot of perks to just being here. Sure, it would be magnificent if I had a dorm and I could store probably 300x as much stuff in it as I do in my gym locker, and I could have my own shower, and my own bed instead of sleeping in weird places like on chairs and stuff.......... but you know what? I just don't have $2000 to spend on that sort of thing, and I'd really like to get a scholarship next semester, but so long as that's not a possibility, this is definitely the next best thing. For sure!

Never be late again!
So anyway, this is quite exciting, and although I'm not feeling horribly exhausted right now, I actually am thinking that I will be going to sleep relatively soon, especially since I am tired enough to not want to study, and after this post, I will have basically run out of things to do on the internet (like check email... and... well, I guess other than this and perhaps watching funny videos the internet really isn't very useful at all... =/ oh well...)

Sweet Dreams!


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 2: Rainy Days Are a Good Thing

I would like to first start off by saying that I didn't actually sleep at ASU last night. As I was preparing for an over-night slumber, my friend Travis called me up and said, "Let's celebrate Kara's birthday a little early," and so, like that, without any socks on and in my gym shorts, I went and hung out with them. It was lots of fun.

So I ended up sleeping on Kara's couch and missing my first two classes. I also didn't remember we had our second exam in Economics today; so I missed the study session, and I didn't study. Regardless of that, Professor Happel is an excellent teacher, and I was able to pass the test with a perfect score.

Also, it rained really hard again today! \o/  (for those of you who are not 1337, that's a guy with his hands up in celebration).

I was hanging out with a bunch of the catholic club students and it just came down and rained everywhere. It was magnificent... except for all the many people who were out there tabling who had to quickly pack up and leave so their signs or products would not get destroyed.

I also appear to be losing weight I noticed (today as I examined myself at a sideways angle in the mirror). So yay! That's awesome. I guess eating nothing but granolla bars and free pizza while working out nearly every day will do that to you. Though I do have to say that I would kill for a Klondike bar right now...... nah, I'm just kidding... am I? >=3

On other news, things are going fantastically. Even when I am unprepared, I seem to be doing very well in my classes. I think that is due largely to how much I studied before the semester began and further. I think it has really set a good base of knowledge for me to build on.

Quizlet has helped tramendously for French as well. I believe that if I had known about it when I did 101 or even 102, I would have been remarkably more efficient at French.

Bomb Scare
There was also a bomb scare today at the light rail at Veterans Way and College Ave. So we all had to get off and take a bus past the area of the bomb scare, and those seeking to go even further on the light rail then had to get back on. Man, how inconvenient, right? Yea...

Oh well, it works for me... Just seriously... of all things to blow up, why would you even want to blow up the light rail? It provides tons of cost-effective transportation particularly to lower-class citizens. More so, it took them like half a century to build the damn thing.... =/


(That's right... I would kill someone for a chocolate-covered ice cream bar, the one that you can buy the generic brand of for like $1... yep....)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 1: That Night!

It is now night time, as you can probably observe from looking out your window.... wait, what? You mean you don't just sit at your computer all day hoping that I'll post something?

Okay, well just trust me, it's night okay? Okay.

So this will be my first night being a real campus bum. I'm excited! Yeeees... very much so... okay, well, I honestly haven't staked out a place to crash yet, but you know? I had a really great work out, and given that I haven't slept at all since I woke up yesterday and that the coffee seems to finally be wearing off, I am feeling increasingly tired by the zzzzzzzzz.....

Most significantly, today.... I showered with a bunch of MEN! Yea, that's right... I was naked, and so were lots of guys around me. And we were touching ourselves (in an attempt to be clean!). So that was definitely different; I've never really done the whole locker room thing, and any time I've ever taken a shower in a gym, they've always had individual shower units. But ASU is OLDSCHOOL! They don't believe that men should be segregated in the shower for a small investment in putting subdividers between shower units--NO! instead, the would prefer for us to stand there as ol' Buba has his way..... oh.... hey buba.... (Just be quiet and he'll go away!)

But yea, seriously tired. I actually didn't do any studying today; I was too excited about this new adventure. But wow! I feel soooo clean right now. How odd. And I blow dried my hair with the hand dryer thing, and now it has way way way more body than it ever has... ever! I never knew.... I just never knew.

AND I got an ASU pen today. AND I have a cool video for you.... (OMG A VIDEO? THAT HASNT HAPPENED IN LYKE....) gosh... how long has it been? Idk... just watch it!!!

So basically, here are some videos of the effects on a fountain after the rain from the huge wind gusts. It was quite extraodinary. In one of these videos, not honestly sure which of these it is, but I'm sure you can tell, I am actually getting sprayed by the water streams as though I were in some cool water park... which I was.... dun dun DUN!!!


Day 1: The College Hobo

Oh my god! Three blogs in one day? Is it my Birthday?

If that's what you're asking yourself, the answer is "no." I just wanted to create a completely separate post separate from my rant about Thunder. In fact, this only mildly has to do with him. Here's how my day went:

Well after receiving those texts from Thunder and him saying get your shit and move out, I took his advice quite vigorously. At the time I had written the initial rant, I was actually conceiving how plausible it would be to be like.. a college hobo! That's the best way I can describe it!

I mean, clearly I still have a home with my parents, but I honestly don't plan on going back there all week and wasting a bunch of gas I can't afford and all of my time. Nope! Instead, I'm going to finally do what I wanted to do all along: get a college dorm, except my dorm is the whole damn campus.

I thought to myself: if everyone is sleeping all around campus anyway, what the hell is the point of spending $2000 to have a tiny little dorm. (Well, actually, I still think it'd be pretty rad! =D ) So now, I'm stuffing my locker with clean clothes, bathing supplies, and some non-perishables, and I am just basically living here: the productive center of college learning. There is just so much to do here and so much to learn, even outside of classes, as well as so many people to meet; there is really no reason to leave unless its a weekend. So I'm just not going to.

I am literally going to sleep in the library, on the grass, on the tables and basically where-so-ever I damn-well please! It's going to be fantastic. Annnnd.... lucky you, it gives me something to blog about. So you can follow me and watch my life vicariously! Holy SHIT!

Ok, don't get too excited.

So this morning, after talking with my friend Travis for a rather long time, mostly about a social movement we want to begin to reform education, I ended up going over to Thunder's and stalking his house until he left. It was late enough that I knew it would only be a short matter of time. So I waited in a place where I'd see him and he wouldn't see me, and the moment he left, I ran for the door, unlocked it with my key, went in and grabbed all of my remaining shit that didn't go with me to my parents' house over the weekend and ran the fuck out as fast as I could in very little time at all. In fact, I was rather proud at how efficiently I had gotten the fuck out of there. I knew exactly what I was looking for and where to find it, and I got it without any unnecessary hesitation. I mean, I could have gone over the night before, but I really don't have a huge desire to confront Thunder now or any time in the near future.

Sleeping on Campus is Rad!
After that, my car was actually out of battery. Apparently, it can only sustain the radio and fan for about an hour before it shits on me. Right, right, right... this is the part where Thunder comes in and calls me a dumbass.... moving on... so I got a jump and left.

I got to school after receiving no sleep but somehow still being very energetic from coffee I had consumed many hours ago... in fact, it's been nearly an entire day and I still feel very energetic.... how much freakin coffee did I drink?

So anyway, I went to the library to work on my oral exam answers. I mean, it wouldn't be completely necessary for class, but I like to do absolutely everything the teacher tells me to do with hopes that they have a very good educational reason for assigning it.

In coming out of the library, I saw a table set up, and they were given away free pizza. SCORE! So I got a slice. Then I asked them how long they would be there because what they were doing seemed kind of interesting (sending letters to troops), and for some reason they gave me a whole box of pizza without answering the question. So I ate my slice and thought to just horde it all because for the next week I'm eating nut-bars and other non-perishables. But no... instead I decided it would be a much better idea to share with my classmates, and it was, and at least the teacher was really appreciative.

After that, I found a bench and it rained.... and it rained.... and it RAINED! OMFG it rained!!! It was magnificent. I sang for a while, bellowing my voice as loud as it would carry in the echoing area without losing the quality of sound too much, and I just sat there and sang for like two hours for no apparent reason while it was pouring outside. And it was glorious!

So Are Updates That Make Captions Easier
Some people passed by with odd looks, but a lot of people seemed to appreciate the free serenade. And here I am!

All my crap is stuff into a locker: a whole week's worth of clothes and resources including soaps and food to last me until Friday night / Saturday. This shall be very exciting and very interesting, and I hope nobody shanks me in my sleep like Isaac suggested someone might. >=3


(yea, that's an actual picture of my locker right now.)

Thunder, Thunder, Thunder... Oh, Look! It's Raining.

Okay, so I guess I ought to give some back story to start out. Nearly a month ago, I posted a rant on my blog about my roommate Thunder. After given some time to cool off, I decided it was a bit uncalled for; so I deleted it.

Well as it turns out, he somehow came to hear about this rant (most likely through those signed up to receive email updates!--you should sign up... I mean, what are YOU missing out on ;] ). And Saturday, he called me like four times (which isn't unusual, but due to the fact that I had other plans already and didn't particularly feel like talking to him, I just ignored it all four times. Then, when I woke up Sunday morning, I received several texts saying don't talk shit about people on the internet and that he was a way better musician and what-have-you.

And initially, I thought it was a lot worse than it was. I thought Oh my god, what did I say in that thing? I must have really just let go and said some horrible things. So today, I decided to go searching for it in an email account that receives updates through email, and I read it; and as I did so, I just kept thinking, Oh my god! This is hilarious! And I didn't really say anything untruthful or that was too much of a personal attack through the majority of the whole thing. The most I did was point out how he was demonstrating ass-a-holic behavior through being a frugal, self-serving opportunist; I didn't go out of my way to distort the truth at all. Sure I used harsh language to demonstrate how I felt, but fuck! who cares?

In fact, the only thing I could really find that was out of line was this one line somewhere near the very end:
Even despite all of his recent musical training, I've still got way more training, talent, and knowledge than he does.
And to be honest, I actually think that is true... well, mostly. I definitely have more training. THAT is and indisputable fact. Let's face it: I've taken choir nearly my entire life up until the end of Freshman year, I've studied several instruments in one of the top AZ schools, including 4 years of piano, 3 years of violin, and a year of saxophone elsewhere. I continued to study music at PC, going through all 4 stages of both guitar and piano, as well as taking a semester of private lessons for violin. And most importantly, by the time I had even met Thunder I had more musical training in that time prior than he has accumulated in his entire musical pursuit.

So that part is true. Talent... well, that is very subjective. That is such an overwhelmingly normative statement that would vary from observer to observer. However, I can honestly say with a high degree of certainty that I do I believe I perform better than him in many areas of music.

The one I definitely can say I don't whole-heartedly believe is that I have more knowledge. I could argue one way or the other. I mean, I have had nearly a lifetime of experience, but he has been taking some pretty pro-baller theory classes. So just for a lack of knowing for certain, I'll take that one back. I guess a list of three just sounds better than a list of two.

But honestly, that was unnecessary. I didn't need to go there. I could have just left that out and left it to a discourse of how he acts like an utter prick to me, and especially me for no apparent reason what-so-ever. I feel completely justified in calling him out and saying he's a dick, or even just sitting here behind a computer screen and ranting on to a seemingly anonymous, but apparently not completely, but at least there is someone out there actually reading this nonsense, audience.

I mean, let's be fucking honest here! I can name a million things that Thunder has done that was asshole-ish toward me, and although at times I've probably done things to him from time to time, I'm just not the sort of person who likes to exchange assholes with another man. It just doesn't seem right. So like the passive-neutral person I tend to be (but apparently not always), I just kind of sat back and took it until I had definitely decided in my mind that yes, Thunder is the biggest asshole I have ever met.

Here is just a short list which captures only brief moments of how he is a total douchebag to me:
  1. Ass-facing: when I would sleep sometimes, and even after explicitly expressing my displeasure to being subjected to that, or any for that matter, ass-a-holic behavior while I am asleep, he had continued to pull down his pants and stick his asshole directly in my face while I was asleep. Of course, I did have an opportunity to get back at him once when we were drinking and he tried to pull down my pants (which were pajama bottoms), and I just kind of sat down where he was and smothered his face between my two meaty butt-cheeks. Mmm... delicious!
  2. Another case in point is that he always uses harsh language with me, despite the fact that I've tried to express on several occasions that I don't particularly like to be called dumbass, or other such things.
  3. On multiple occasions, he has directly said or suggested things like: you got to take what girls you can get because of your physical shape or because he thinks I can't get women. Granted, I am out of shape (working very hard on that) and I really have had only two relationships, only one of which was sexual. However, I realize my limitations just in being me. And honestly, I think I'm a pretty good catch other than my slight pudge and the fact that I don't keep a job or have income. He didn't really say it in a gentle way either, and I honestly felt on these occasions that he was saying to be a dick.
  4. His self-righteous claim to his money as a means of manipulation, as touched on by the previous rant. He honestly walks around as though he deserves to have $3000 of government money handed to him for free, as though he had honestly done something to earn it, despite the fact that he is in all respects a very average student, with meager grades, few academic course, most of which he seems to fail or drop out of, and not redeeming academic achievements. Where as I have maintained a near-4.0 (that is, upper 3. range), have participated in many extra-curricular academic programs, including honor's, and am actively pursuing more academic involvement. What the fuck are you doing Uncle Sam? Don't waste your time with these average students! Give me some fucking money!
Again, I can go on, and on, and fucking on... but what the fuck is the point? I'm just pointing out here that I'm not total bullshit! I have actually events that occurred to back this up. I don't think anyone would deny that things things are true, if of course you hold the personal insults.

I haven't really said anything too bad about him that wasn't true, other than that one fucking thing (which he's got to bitch and moan about), and here I am having to explain myself all over again.

So that's it! He's a douche and I don't want to be friends with him because he's a douche. He said something to the effect of I can't talk to him in person and that I have to slander him on the internet, but no... not really. In fact, I deleted it. I just don't want to talk to him because he's a douche, and I've given him many years of indicators that I don't like being treated like that way, and if he honesty believes or believed that all his asshole-ness wouldn't eventually lead to me not wanting to be friends with him... well, then I guess he's just dumber than I thought.

And if he reads this: I'm glad! It's fun being a dick for once.

Ta ta!


Shut Your Fucking Face, Fucker!

Is so much vulgarity necessary for a blog title? Perhaps not. But you know, it sure makes me feel a lot better. In fact, it makes me so much better, I'm going to give you pictures this time! Remember that? When I used to give you pictures?

Ok.... now what the hell did that have to do with anything? It's just some random picture about vaginas and it has absolutely nothing to do with--- OMG! SHUT YOUR FUCKING FACE, FUCKER!

No, but on a serious note... I just feel like saying that to people. Perhaps, a particular person..... Who knows. I guess, I'm tired of taking shit from my new roomy, and since I doubt anyone keeps up with this thing anyway, and because anyone who does doesn't really give a fuck, I guess I'll just come out and say it: my roommate is a fucking asshole. Yea, Thunder. That roommate. In fact, laying in the grass and enjoying the essence of my youth, I was contemplating that perhaps instead of being a passive neutral party like I am with everybody else's conflicts and like I am whenever anyone does anything wrong to me... instead of that, maybe *I* want to be an asshole for once. Maybe I just want to sock him in the face sometimes (perhaps suffocate him after he pushes me off the bed with his ass) and just point my finger assertively in his general direction, and while performing some homo-sexual captain planet bullshit, pull out my best deep manly voice and declare: "SHUT YOUR FUCKING FACE, YOU STUPID FUCK!" Yea, that needed bolds. It's like how Louis C. K. needs to stop to hate people with his entire body, I need to bold my letters to get my point across.

I guess I'm just tired of his shit. For instance, when we'd go to a bar, Thunder would ask everybody for drinks. In fact, he would practically demand it. He would be like, "Dude, buy me a drink." And what ends up happening is that they do. But when he has money or he has booze or anything, or even just food, he says fucked up shit like, "Dude, let's see you pay for something for once." We're talking about a guy who gets the majority of his money from his mom, and the rest from FAFSA which is free money given to him for no apparent reason just because his mom makes little enough annually that he can qualify for that; meanwhile, I have to pay four times the amount of tuition, get less generous help from my parents, absolutely no FAFSA and can't even qualify for a Pell Grant. Thunder is just an arrogant, stuck up, selfish piece of shit sometimes, and I think the more and more I think about it, the more I begin to realize that.

But what really ticked me off today was that he assumed I would go pick him up after school (nothing unusual) and then after I told him I couldn't make it (because he wanted to be picked up at 8:30 and I had other plans), he decided to say:

Okay thats fine i will just wait. you know i let you sleep on my bed and my mom is letting you live rent free.
Followed by my reply:
Dude, if I can't make it, I can't make it. It has nothing to do with if I feel like it.
And him:

Yeah and i was just letting you know. . .

It has never been my responsibility to pick him up every day. I said I would do so when I could, and definitely not until I have done everything that I need to do (homework, meetings, et cetera). Despite the fact that Thunder thinks that his full schedule of music classes are hard work (hahahaha! Please!), I'm at a real university now, taking 16 ACADEMIC courses, complete with socializing, school events, and student organizations. I'm sure he's busy and whatever, but he's total bullshit if he thinks I can just be available to him whenever he needs me to.

And I have always been cool towards him, but I am seriously getting tired of him always calling me a dumbass, asserting his asshole perspective of the world (like telling you that you wanted to have some of his food when you didn't just because he offered), and pretending like he's some kind of virtuoso just because he's a music major now. Even despite all of his recent musical training, I've still got way more training, talent, and knowledge than he does.

UGH! I'm just fed up.... and so, I think I'm just done with Isidro Thunder Lightning Gali. From now on, I think I'm just going to live actually on campus through the week and at my parents' house on the weekends. Its not like I ever do anything besides study during the week anyway... why not just live ON campus? I've got a locker in the gym, and I can just take a shower in there and keep some clean close. All I would need is some soaps and things and some food from my folks.

This will definitely be an interesting semester. And if it's not, I will be damned.