Thursday, October 14, 2010

No Hobo

Yea, it's kind of like "No Homo" or at least that's where I got the title from.

Well, I've been found out. I got a text from my dad today asking if I was living out of my car again, and I fessed up that no, I wasn't; I'm actually living on campus. I know that's not the sort of life my dad wants me to lead. As much as my dad wants me to be independent and doesn't want to have to pay my way through college, he's still my father and wants me to be safe and happy. So when he said to me, "come home," I was in no position to argue. It would have been shear idiocy to say, "No, dad. I'm going to keep being homeless;" not to mention, it would have also been very inconsiderate (like pushing away someone's hand when they're saving you from falling off a cliff).

I can tell when I'm defeated, and this is one of those times. But this just furthers my commitment to making some money over the Summer. I can't honestly say I can really handle a job right now, but if I can make a decent amount of money over the break and save up, it would take a lot of pressure off my dad.

Furthermore, I've already began making plans with my friends to get the hell out of this state after graduation. I'm going after my Master's degree next, but I can't honestly say I'm a huge fan of the weather. It's awful! It's hot, and unpleasant. There is hardly any change in the seasons. And although I like this city just fine, I need to branch out and experience more of this world while I'm still young. Plus it'll give me an opportunity to really prove myself and step up my responsibility.

So thus is the end of the Campus Hobo. I was honestly thinking to myself tonight, too, that it's sort of depressing to think that everybody but me has somewhere they need to be. For me, I could have spent all night playing volleyball or doing whatever, and it would have never really mattered since I would end up sleeping here anyway.

Now my thoughts have began shifting from "how can I survive this life style?" (or more specifically about how to acquire decent food regularly) to "what can I do to make some money to be more independent?"

Every college student needs some sort of income. "Where do you want to eat?" "Want to go to a bar tonight?" and other related questions are all very common in campus life. It's very hard to get the full college experience when you can't even solve the most basic questions of food and gas for your car, and with that, even just gas for the weekends when you actually plan on leaving school.

I've also been thinking about what would happen if I were to actually do something that I was talking about? What would happen if I did get really heavily into reform for education? What would happen if I led an entire movement? More specifically, what would happen to my education? Could I go to school and be a prophet for the exploited worker, or to become a revolutionary in the battle against poor education? Could I honestly handle balancing two main courses, in other words?

I would never want to quite my education, but isn't my education all leading up to that point? Isn't that not the reason that I go to school, so that one day I can make the world a better place?

Well, my ride is calling.

Ja ne,.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Reporting In

It's been a couple days since I've written to you guys; so I figured it's about time for me to report in.

I believe the last time you heard from me was right after Octoberfest, which was pretty cool except that it was kind of small. Never-the-less, there was beer and there was brauts, a good combination for any self-loving German like myself. Of course, I can't honestly say anyone should dislike that dynamic duo!

Unfortunately, everything was ridiculously expensive, and as a result, I wasn't able to try both. Fortunately, I went with my instincts and decided that tasting good food was more important than tasting good beer since I can always get drunk later. After stuffing my face with a sandwich consisting of a giant braut, saurkraut, a potato salad and a tangy mustard, we wandered around a bit enjoying the festivities.

After a while, we resorted to hacky sack and walking around trying to whore Travis off to the highest bidder. Unfortunately, nobody took. Then again, I'm sure Corina would have had my nuts after I told her that we no longer legally own Travis because I sold him into slavery to a 92 year old woman.

Sunday was largely uneventful except for me stuffing my face at Golden Corral, still one of my favorite buffet destinations. For anyone who hasn't been there, I highly recommend you check it out because GC is one of the only buffets with all-you-can-eat STEAK! Plus, they commonly have other good eats like shrimp, ham, and even nachos.

Anyway, Monday comes, another week of hobo-ness. Yesterday wasn't so bad. It was a little hot when I got to school, and I didn't get any free food, but since I was able to have a quick breakfast (slim fast lol) before school, I wasn't horribly hungry throughout the day.

Today, I spent a long time in the gym. In fact, in total, I think I did about 45min of running, which is a bit much for me. Of course, I took breaks in between (for 2-4 minutes at a time), but that's besides the point. If I could run for 45 straight minutes without feeling like a piece of crap when I was done, I'd probably do it, but until then, I've gotta pace myself.

I keep wondering if I can run a 10-min mile, yet, but I'm not quite willing to try.

I've also been working on my chest area a lot by doing that machine that reminds me of a row boat. It seems to be doing a good job at building my upper shoulder muscles and flattening out my chest area, which is exactly what I want. In fact, my chest area is the part of my body I'm most self conscious about, even more so than my stomach pudge. I guess it just seems unnatural for a guy to have a little extra weight up there.

Anyway, I've adopted a new project, helping a friend with a critical analysis of a book "Bridget Jones's Diary." Has anyone heard of it? If so, feel free to leave some comments at the bottom of this page.... no, seriously... leave some comments, dude. Just go ahead and click the "previous entry button" a couple of times and look to see how long its been since I've had a comment. I can tell you right now that I haven't had a single comment since May... MAY! And if you don't count my own comments, I've gotten a total of 6 comments. Seriously, guys... step it up!

Anyway, I got some free pizza today. 5 slices of vegie pizza (although the pineapple sounded tempting too) and I even got half a cup of free Dr. Pepper, which is another thing I don't get to have very often.

Well, hopefully, I'll get some food stamps or figure out some money soon, at least to survive me until next semester. Being starving all the time is by-far the hardest part of this whole campus life. I seriously need to figure out some grub! There's gotta at least be something I can take with me.

The other hard part is dealing with dirty laundry... bleh! I mean, sure its sectioned off from the rest of my laundry, but it smells horrid! It almost (but not quite) makes me think I just ought to travel back and forth to my car every day just to store the laundry in there. Idk... it'd be a lot easier to manage locker space, but as of now, I definitely have enough room.

Okay, guys. Now it's your turn. Leave me some comments below. Tell me what you think of "Bridget Jones's Diary" or let me know what it would take to get you guys to actually leave comments.