Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Calculus, Volleyball, and Research... Living the College Life

Hey everyone,

It's been a good while since I've dedicated any time to updating. So allow me to go ahead and fill you in briefly.

The end of the semester is drawing near. As such, the time to get ready for next semester has officially begun. Along with finishing up my course work for this semester and doing my absolute best to secure good grades in all of my classes, I'm also plagued with adviser visits, registering for classes and planning out my major. After meeting with my political science adviser, it's been determined that I should finish the requirements for my political science degree by next fall. In fact, other than a Literacy class (next semester), another upper division pos class (next semester), another French class (next semester), and 24 upper division credits, I'm good to go. After that, I will finally be the proud recipient of the American standard: the Bachelor's degree!

However, I also learned some things that I wasn't immediately pleased with. In furthering my studies, I've come to decide that I would like to pursue a degree in economics, particularly of the Masters or PhD level. However, due to the structure of the program, I'm required to take a series of classes that will effectively prolong my stay at ASU until the Spring of 2013. This is due to the sequential nature of these classes, my lack of a focus on math courses, and due to the fact that graduate schools have requirements for grad students in economics beyond the basic Econ classes required to get a Bachelors degree (most particularly the math!).

Essentially, I was told that I have to take MAT117 (college algebra) and my friend Isaac recommended I take MAT170 (precalculus) before getting into MAT270 (calculus I). However, due to the fact that I already need to take 270, 271, and 274 (I believe) in order to get where I'm going, I see this as potentially being problematic. Furthermore, according to the description of MAT117, I'm not at all convinced that it's something that I need.

As such, I've been vigorously studying up on Pre-calc and Calculus to pass the ALEKS exam with a high enough score to test into 270. I'm not entirely sure what is covered on the ALEKS, but even if I could manage with a vague understanding of the principle ideas, and despite the fact that I get 2 attempts to place well, I would much rather rest assured that I do well and just learn all these concepts before hand. Besides, if I take all the time now to learn these things, that means that when I do actually take 270, it'll be a breeze!