Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Finals, More Stressful than Not

You know, usually finals aren't so bad. It usually results in a completely expected mixture of B's and A's. I've really only ever gotten 2 C's in the entire time I've been at college, I've only Withdrawn a class once, and I've never failed a class. So in general, finals isn't full of any surprises. However, this finals is different. This finals has meaning behind it because I have to establish my GPA all over again. Last semester, I ended up with the second C of my college career; seeing as how I had just transferred to ASU, this means that I had a whole new GPA, and it wasn't looking good. 3.15. Never-the-less, I didn't really actually care until I found out that I need a 3.5 to get $4000/year up until I basically graduate from ASU. That is, of course, on top of the $7,500 I get now. Really, it won't make that much of a difference in my life as a whole if I qualify for that this semester or next, but I'm seriously hoping it happens sooner than later.