Saturday, April 30, 2011

Taking 20 credit hours at Arizona State University (ASU) and now I've gotta stay up for the next 48 hours doing homework

This semester (Spring 2011), I signed up for 20 credit hours. A lot of those classes are upper division and are pretty tough. I wish I could say that is the reason I haven't updated often, but it's really just been for a lack of things to talk about.

Never-the-less, here I am, and it's the end of the semester. Needless to say, after being sleep deprived and loaded up on caffeine pretty much every day, I am ready for this semester to end. In fact, I highly doubt I will take any more than 4 classes from here on out. It's actually been really tough to manage all of my classes, even though for the last two semesters I've been doing 5 classes each semester. Now, taking 6, I realize that the 18 or 19 credit hour limit that Arizona State University (ASU) puts on each semester is actually pretty reasonable.

Not getting sleep sucks!
Even though I'm pretty accustomed to only getting B's and A's for each semester, having only gotten two C's ever and having never failed a class, I am now actually legitimately concerned that I might. As such, seeing as how next week kicks off the beginning of finals, I think I'm just going to spend this entire weekend, that is the next 48 hours, just busting balls and getting stuff done.

For one, I have an essay on Uncle Tom's Cabin due pretty soon, and I haven't even finished the book yet! I haven't had time in between doing hours of calculus homework and all the other homework constantly laid on me to do much of the reading for classes except right before they are immediately needed to be read, and I have even missed a ton of classes just so I could either catch up on sleep or do homework.

On top of the fact that I've been working my butt of this whole semester to get good grades and doing a poor job on it left and right, I have also had little time to mingle with my fellow students or go to different clubs and events that I'm interested in. Normally, I would wonder about campus meeting people often, checking out the tables, and looking for cool things going on around campus, but this semester, I have mostly made a point of passing by these opportunities and usually have headed home right after school so I could recharge and be ready for the next day.

I have, none-the-less, kept up with my model united nations club. It is extremely important to me, and we did excellent at the 61st session of model united nations far west (MUNFW). So in the end, all of our hard work had paid off quite handsomely, and I had a fantastic time.

However, things like the Chess club that I wanted to check out, going to MU After Dark, which is a program that ASU puts on every Friday to come and relax and enjoy a bunch of free entertainment and discounted food, and hanging out with a lot of friends has just been put to the side almost this entire semester, and still, I find myself struggling in some classes.

All in all, I think its safe to say that I WON'T be doing this again. Taking 20 credit hours was just a horrible idea, and it is way too much work for me to handle in one semester.

Have you taken too many classes before? Did it make you hate your life, or were you able to handle it pretty well. Did you ever do it again? Leave me some comments below and tell me about your experiences with class overloads or just leave me a comment about whatever comes to mind.


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