Monday, May 16, 2011

5 Kids Stole Mp3 Players, Phones, and DS Games From My Friend's Car at Forest Park Apartments

My friends and I had a pretty crazy night the other night.

It started out like any normal night for us. I drove over to my friend's house, and he, his girlfriend and I took his car over to my friend's apartment at Forest Park. The four of us and another friend of ours hung around the apartment for a while and then were gonna head out for the night, but when we got back to the car, we noticed that a bunch of stuff got torn up and started to notice a few things missing. This of course took place after the security guard warned us that his inside light was on and the door was left over. Within seconds, we put two and two together, and we realized what had happened. While we were inside for just a few minutes, our shit got stolen.

The security guard told us about a report of five kids who had hopped the fence, and another report from a tenant that they were looking in cars. On a hunch, my friend when driving around the nearby streets to see if we could find them, and sure enough, we did. Fortunately for them, the security guard got there first.

One by one, we got out of the car and confronted the kids. They were all pretty young and pretty suspicious looking. We told them, "Just give us the stuff back, and we'll forget about the whole thing," but they denied the whole thing. A few of the kids went over to a dumpster to "pee" but we soon discovered that wasn't what they really were doing. We stood and waited for the cops (the security guard had already been on the phone with them for a number of minutes by this time), and we just stood around to make sure they were still there when the cops showed up. But while we were waiting, one of the kids ran for it, and even though two of my friends chased after him, they soon lost sight and he wasn't found again.

A cop pulled up a good fifteen minutes later and immediately started trying to figure the situation out. He made the kids stand with their hands on the back of their head and patted them down, took out everything from their pockets and made them all sit on the ground. One of the kids wasn't cooperating and the cop exclaimed, "Keep your hands out of your pockets or I'll shoot you in the face!" The kid of course was much more cooperative after that.

After figuring out the situation some more and scanning the area, he cuffed the kids to each other, two to a pair of cuffs. One of the kids thought he was smart and started messing with his hat so the cop went over and stepped on his leg, forcing him to give it up and then threw it on the overhead parking shade structure. At this point, the kids were feeling real tough reinforced by the company of their friends, but that didn't help their situation at all.

Justice Prevails
We later scanned the area for any items that the other kid that ran might have tried to ditch, but we had no luck, but when we were coming back, the cop had already found a stash of cell phones and one of my friends Mp3 players. The kids were only thirteen to fifteen years old, but we still didn't recover all of our stolen property, and we were feeling rather merciless given that we had asked these kids several times to give up the stolen items and they wouldn't even admit to stealing them. Knowing my friends, I can honestly say that we would have just gone about our own business and left them alone if they had just given them back, but since they didn't, we are filing for restitution.

Perhaps its not the best story in the world, but it sure made my night interesting. For one, I've never had anything actually stolen from me before, and secondly never had a cop actually do anything that benefited me  at all, even that time I got shot at in my own apartment complex after witnessing someone breaking into another person's car. Needless to say, I didn't have much faith in law enforcement. But maybe this will be a lesson to us all: my friend will probably lock his car more often, I will probably trust the law more, and hopefully those kids will change their ways, but I doubt it.

Oh, and if anyone in the Phoenix area finds my Pokémon Platinum game, though I doubt they will, or knows where I can re-purchase it, I'd really appreciate that. I had a lot of progress and a couple special event pokémon I will probably never get back. It was taken by a young black kid about 13 who was wearing purple hot topic pants, a white shirt and a black cap.


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