Monday, May 30, 2011

Why Pokémon Is A Great Game For College Students

A lot of people grew out of pokemon only a few short years after it became popular. Before we knew it, pokemon fell into the same category as barney-- immature and uncool. Though some of us stuck with us. Others of us (like me) fell out of the scene and them reemerged. And now, oddly enough, Pokemon is cool again. Why?

Well, Pokemon is actually a fairly complex game and is an awesome RPG. And even the storyline is getting more and more involved. With the latest installment Pokemon Black and White, the story hinges on a philosophical question of whether trainers should have Pokemon at all, or if by owning them we are hurting them. And as like other Pokemon games, the fate of the world (as we know it) rests on your shoulders. But now, they have gone out of their way to make  you even more involved with the story and its characters, adding much-needed depth and attachment to the story.

What really makes this a great game for college students (aside from being something to do over the Summer) is that it's a very complex and constantly evolving game. Due to new abilities like Moxie and Sturdy, as well as new attacks much like Power Share, the game continues to become more and more difficult to master. To further complicate things, their are a total of 650 Pokemon now. To top it off, their are stats known as EVs and IVs which add even more possibilities for strategy, making this an expert game for anyone who likes strategy.

I'm 22, and I still play Pokemon. I probably will play it forever. Haha. It's just a great game.

Here's a pokemon versus banner that I made earlier today:

Pokemon Versus Banner

Cool huh? It's modeled after my gaia avi which became a female years ago due to some really complicated crap with this one girl I was dating at the time, which is why the avitar has boobs, though it does look fairly androgynous I think.

Anyway, that's all for now....


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