Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Awesome Apartments for ASU Students Near Campus!

August is here and the end of the Summer break is rolling in fast. I'm actually very excited to be going back to school, and I can't wait to start taking some more classes.

One thing that will make this next semester extra awesome is that I will actually be living basically on campus! After wanting for so long to have a dorm, I have finally did the responsible thing by getting a job and leasing out a new apartment. I will be moving in in approximately 48 hours!

The place basically looks like a glorified closet, only has a small fridge, and no dishwasher, but those are just about the only bad things you can say about these apartments at all.

The place is called Campus Pointe, located seriously like two blocks away from the main campus at Arizona State University. In fact, from where my apartment will be located, I can see the campus. (1115 E. Lemon St. 85281 Tempe)
They also have a very strict policy regarding pests, ensuring that your apartment won't have any pest problems, and other than the location, my favorite part about the apartments is actually how safe they seem. Just to get to your front door, for instance, you have to go through a small hallway where there is only one other apartment door. Other than that, there is only one medium-sized outward facing window to worry about. Plus, being that it is so close to campus, it seems to be mostly occupied by students.

I haven't had a chance to really know what it's like living there, but it's pretty damn affordable, in a great location, and is pretty much everything I wanted, paid utilities and all.

I will let you all know what I think about the apartments again when I've had some time to live there for a while.


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