Friday, September 9, 2011

Still Living it Up in My Tempe Apartments!

So things have been good so far ever since I moved into my apartment at 1115 E. Lemon St. in Tempe about a month ago. The sink works well, the A/C works well (very important in Arizona!), it's super close to ASU, and I don't ever hear any complaints from my neighbors about the noise, probably because there is a brick wall on the one side and on the other, who really knows.... but anywho, other than having my neighbor occasionally knock on my door to ask why I'm not partying, I've really only had to incidents worth mentioning:

The first one happened sometime actually rather late when a drunk girl showed up at my door. I didn't know her, and she said she needed a place to stay. I was just kind of like... um... ok, is there somewhere I can help you get to? She ended up refusing my help (and even water) and just kind of wondered off where I never saw her again. My co-worker informed me that I should have taken advantage of her, but I am too much of a gentleman for that. lol.

But the other one is some random guy who wanted me to cash a check for him into my bank account and give him the money. He was saying it was a $2500 check and all that, and first of all, that sounds theoretically a bad idea, even if he signed it over to me, the bank still might be like... uh... no, and then I'm down $2500; not to mention that the guy said he didn't have his ID (which is why he couldn't cash it) and it could have easily been a stolen check getting me in even more trouble!

I was nice enough to let this guy use my bathroom (apparently his friend lives in these apartments, not him), and I drove him around to places where he could cash his check, just to be nice, but no place would take it, even though he said he knew some places that would, and I ended up just taking him back and going about my business.

But wow, really? No ID or bank account making $2500 in a single check?

Anyway, he came by my door at nine this morning knocking. I looked through the peep hole and saw it was him so I just ignored it, but if he comes to my door again, I'll probably call the police or notify management or something. It's not like I'm his friend just because I met him ONCE and was nice enough to try and help him out. And I really can't stand crack heads like him who always need something from somebody. Take care of your own damn self, fuck!

Anyway, it's been pretty mild other than that. It seems like parties happen a lot around here, and although there isn't a lot of crackheads, you do get the occasional one wandering through. It seems the apartments are pretty awesome though: they fixed my bathroom door quickly, the maintenance is always working on something, my neighbors seem pretty cool or at least tolerable, good location, et cetera, et cetera. I'll let you guys know later how I feel about it still. Until then~!


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