Thursday, October 20, 2011

How is Working at Walmart Working Out For You?

Well folks,

Here I am again, with another update on stuff and stuff.

As of now, I've worked for Walmart for oh... almost 4 months. This is, of course, the second time I've worked for Walmart; the first time being in 2005 when I was a cart pusher and it sucked way way more. Like seriously, if you live in a hot state, don't ever become a cart pusher because it is just awful.

At any rate, I'm an unloader now, which means I do a ton of heavy lifting, and truth be told, I probably have the most physically demanding job in the entire store... That being said, I am loving what it is doing for my health and body and et cetera. Yea, it feels pretty good to drop a couple pant sizes just from doing your job and getting paid.

Anyhow, what I don't love about it is all the crap I have to deal with. I mean, sure, a job isn't supposed to be fun and amazing or they probably wouldn't have to pay people to do it, but it seriously feels like more and more each day that there are very few of us actually working and the rest are just lazy pieces of shit. That being said, it's not that bad. Why? Well, simply because there are so many people working in the store that even when you only have a handful of them carrying our the majority of the work, at least at the end of the day nobody gives a shit. And if they do, they give a shit in very small increments.

Maybe sometime later, I will upload
some of my own Walmart Fails!
This is both good and bad because on the one hand, very little personal recognition for achievements. When you do an excellent job, you pretty much have to wave it in front of the managers' faces to get their attention, but on the other hand, if you ever mess up, chances are nobody gives a shit.

That being said, dealing with people who like to throw temper tantrums, working with people who don't speak more than 5 words of English, and people who simply don't do their job and more or less just get in your way of doing yours all day can kind of be frustrating, especially when you don't have a supervisor, or even know when they are going to give you one, and refuse to raise you to that level but still expect you to baby sit people... it kinda gets frustrating. But at the end of the day, quite possibly one of the better/best jobs I've ever had... (Trust me, that's not saying a whole lot at ALL.)

Anyway, doing that and going to school is kind of rough. A lot of times, in favor of getting sleep before work, I'll miss classes, or seeing as how I don't get off until 1am or later on any given day makes those early morning classes seem very unappealing. How bad is it? Well, for the first time in my ENTIRE life, I am going to fail a class. Not once in my life, high school, middle school, grade school, or even community college, have I ever failed a class, but I am about to; and to tell you the truth, I'm worried I might be failing two.

So maybe Walmart isn't very good for my future, but right now, it at least pays the bills.

Plus, if I need more money but am not scheduled to have more hours, I simply stay later and make up the difference that way. But then again, Walmart gets SUPER angry when you have overtime, so 80 hours per two weeks is really the best I could do in a good pay period.

Over all, what I would say about working at Walmart, is that for you poor fools like me who are stuck being trapped in dead-end jobs with little to no hope of any future potential just to get by and pay the bills (at least until graduation), Walmart isn't half-bad, especially if you want to lose some weight.

On the other hand, if you are thinking of working and going to school and have the option not to, I would go for that. And parents... for those of you who are concerned that your child doesn't want to work and just wants a free-ride through college and yada yada yada, but you are totally within the means of providing a comfortable life for your child as they go through school without putting yourself in serious financial risk and are unwilling to provide a stress-free living situation for your child as they do their best to get through college so that someday when you're old and dying they can take care of your sorry ass.... shame on you. Shame.

College is already stressful enough. Give your kid a break. Seriously. Do you want them dropping grades and failing classes just so that they can learn some responsibility? What kind of fucking prodigy child were you? You were probably off raising all kinds of hell as a kid and now you want to deprive them of the best years of their life just to teach them a lesson about getting older? Dude, they have plenty of time to grow up. Let them focus on school and get good grades so that they can have a chance to have a better future for you and them. Seriously.

Alright. Done.


Now some legal shit:
These opinions and any opinions expressed implicitly, explicitly, telekinetic, sexually, or what you might have thought was an opinion but actually wasn't are not the opinions of Walmart or its affiliates. Walmart probably doesn't have any real views, but if they did, they probably weren't these ones, and let me make it clear that I do not speak for Walmart in any way, nor do I actually intend to. Cause let's face it, Walmart is way richer than me. Why would they hire me to ramble on about how working at Walmart is sort of okay. I mean, I didn't really just sit there and say a bunch of horrible shit about them, but if I was a multinational corporation with millions or billions of dollars, I probably wouldn't want some punk-ass kid who makes less than 20k expressing opinions for me. And if you at any point thought that I was in any way representing the opinions of Walmart, you are probably a fucking idiot.

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