Friday, April 1, 2011

Hanging Out With the Guys

Before I went to college, I never did much of "hanging out with the guys." Certainly, I had a lot of guy friends. In fact, the large majority of my friends were guys. However, on an every day basis, I would only see one or two of them, and at a few points in my life, JT was the only of them that I would see more than once a month.

However, after beginning my college career, I was quickly introduced to a whole new group of friends. And before I knew it, I was hanging out with them every day. Life was great, and I had never had such a consistent group of people to hang out with before. These days, the group is very much divided and we very rarely all meet in one place anymore, but 2 years ago, we would all hang out all the time, and it was very common that all of my closest friends would all be in the same room.

We used to give each other a lot of crap, especially us guys. (even then, we outnumbered the girls.) Some of my fondest memories are actually when I was with my ex girlfriend. Not because we had necessarily the best relationship, but I suppose that's because those were the points in my life when I was freest and when my friends were closest.

My ex Tara and I used to be all lovey-dovey all the time in front of our friends (at least for the first two months we were together), and my friends would often play jokes and mess around with us and these times were quickly known as "moments."

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This is definitely one of those moments I will never forget. Obviously, Thunder and Fox were giving me complete crap about always having moments with my at-the-time girlfriend Tara, but it wasn't mean or anything like that; we all gave each other crap all the time. It's a guy thing! It's like when you're younger and you fight with your siblings, I suppose. Sometimes, it's a bonding experience. (Oppose to a bondage experience! Ha!)

Here's what happened later that night...

Yep, I suppose you could say we've had a lot of great times. But we still have a lot of great adventures together... just not so much as a group anymore. The last big adventure we had was Flagstaff, but I will talk about that another time.


Random College Road Trip For Summer

So the other day, we went to San Diego, CA. It wasn't planned or anything like that. What happened was is that I didn't have any gas money; so my friend Thunder, who's mom lives on my side of town, drove all the way out to see me (which doesn't happen very often). Then, as we were hanging out, our friends Travis and Corina wanted to know what we were up to. So we told them we were hanging out at a park, and within the next 15 minutes, they Corina had convinced Trav to drive all the way out there too.

Some time had passed since we had heard from them. Apparently, Travis needed to take a shower and so they took a really long time. Thus, Travis got a "piece offering," which was an 18 pack of Fat Tire. It seemed like the plan for the night was to hang out in a park and drink, but little did we know what we were really in for.

After passing by the park, Travis had a bad feeling about it, or whatever, even though I assured him that on the West side nobody really gives a crap. Never-the-less, we set out for a different park, heading even more west of Phoenix than I already lived. Without finding a single park we already made it to Goodyear, which is kind of like this middle-of-nowhere town.

Yep. That's how it all happened. We just started driving, and before we knew it, Travis was like "We're going to the beach," and then we did! It was a good 6-7 hour drive from Phoenix to Cali, but that didn't make any of it any less exciting. We drove through the night listening to a random assortment of music complimentary provided by Corina.

Without a pillow or blanket, snacks, clean clothes or even deodorant, we headed out to Cali to see the beach. Other than the fact that Travis was still kind of still using his tank-like vehicle as a sort of mobile home, we had left completely unprepared and penniless. The only one of us who had money was Travis. Thank God he had enough to get there and back!

We reached Cali and ended up going to the harbor and not the beach... my mistake! I figured anywhere there was that much water there had to be a beach, but I guess it was only in designated areas on the map. Never the less, we were able to keep ourselves very entertained for the next 24 minutes, thanks to the 2 quarters we had between the four of us for the meter.

We found some statues around the harbor and took some pictures with it, observed the giant war-boat replicas and watched the crabs walk up and down the rocks. We also got bombarded with a whole bunch of homeless people (some of which seemed to only be able to talk in mumbles) who would without fail ask us for spare change.

Our meter ran out, and we headed out north towards the real beach. However, by this time, we were all very hungry, and yet, all very poor. Once again, it fell on poor Travis to provide for us. So he told us that we only got one meal for the whole day. Therefore, we went somewhere cheap: Jack In The Box. We ordered a whole bunch of sandwiches and tacos and crap and keeping in mind that we might not be able to eat anything until we got back to Phoenix, we all crammed it down our face holes as fast as humanly possible. I hadn't eaten that much JITB in many years!

We finally made it to the beach! Using gym shorts from the back of Travis's car, we all went swimming. We crashed against the freezing waves (which eventually didn't feel so cold anymore), and tried body surfing against the big ones. Then, we headed for the pier to check out all the crazy things growing on the giant support beams like clams and crabs and even a starfish, but the lifeguard yelled at us. So we went back to wave surfing and finding sea shells. After a while, we ended up heading over to the other side of the beach where there were all sorts of rocks and caught two small crabs and put them in the backpack. (I enjoyed that especially since now I can say that I went to Cali with my friends and got crabs.... and then, our friend Kara didn't have crabs; so we gave her crabs... hahaha.... childish, I know... but still funny!)

We got yelled at by the Life Guard again two more times: one for being on the wrong side of the pier, and another for swimming two close to it. Then, the Life Guard thought it was necessary to warn about rip tide, where it pulls you under the water and drags you out the the middle of the ocean. But although I was pretty far out there, I knew exactly where the rip tide started to pull you on (based on where I was in relation to the pier), and I knew I was fine.

We also got buried. Corina buried all three of us in sand, which was a lot of fun, though my leg started to kind of cramp up. After Travis and I finally broke free, we ended up packing all of our sand on Thunder and restrained him for as long as we could under the sand. Hahaha. It was fun.

By the time we were all done at the beach, we were all exhausted, dehydrated and sunburned. Travis drove around in circles for a while, losing his mind, until we eventually found a place to go to the bathroom and we bought a whole bunch of money on Travis's mom's food stamp card that he had just realized we could use. We pigged out and then all napped in the car for at least an hour or two before driving home.

It was a hell of a lot of fun, and although I was really sick today, I still don't regret it. First college trip of the Summer: huge success!


Monday, March 28, 2011

How to Make Your Own "Running Naked" Alcoholic Mixed Drink

After realizing that a lot of other people were having difficulty finding how to make a "Running Naked" alcoholic mixed drink, I decided to see what I could find. Finally, there is a recipe available on the internet, and so I will go ahead and share it with you.

Before I begin, let me go ahead and point out some obvious warnings:
Alcohol is intended for adults only, as a recreational drink; excessive consumption of alcohol is fatal and can lead to serious permanent injury. Do not drink alcohol if you are pregnant. Always consult your doctor before drinking.

Of course, most of us don't care about these warnings (myself included), but I just wanted to do the responsible thing and warn anyone who didn't already get that. lol.

So when I first started looking for it, I kept getting results for a Skip, Run and Go Naked which is NOT the same thing as a Running Naked mixed drink. That recipe goes like this:
  • 2 parts tequila
  • 5 parts beer
  • bitters and other stuff
However, having gotten mine at some bar on Mill on the upper story (the one with the balcony), I knew that wasn't quite right, since I watched the guy put mine together; unfortunately, I wasn't paying enough attention to see what he put in it.

Though it seems that this recipe I found, is pretty close:

  • 1 part Raspberry Liquor
  • 1 part Gin
  • 1 part Vodka
  • 1 part Rum
  • 1 part Triple Sec
  • and Top it off with a beer
Here's the directions the website gives:

Add vodka, gin, rum, and triple sec to a shot glass leaving 1/8 to 1/4 inch of room in the glass. Carefully slide the shot to the bottom of a pint glass that has been filled with 1/2oz of raspberry liqueur. Now carefully pour beer down the side of the glass untill you are about an inch over the shot. Drink the whole thing down and enjoy!
 That's it. And it sounds a hell of a lot closer to what I had that night than the Skip, Run, and Go Naked drink. So enjoy (responsibly), and how about some comments. Something like: "Hey thanks," "Good lookin' out," or "Cool story bro" will do fine.

Recipe compliments of mik.camelbackvw from Check them out; I'm sure they got a lot of other great drink recipes for you to try.