Monday, May 9, 2011

How to Meet People in College

Going to a new school can be a little strange because you don't know the landscape, you don't know very many people or any at all, and its even more confusing when you're going to college. By this time, you've probably already honed your socializing skills and are comfortable meeting people, but if you were anything like I was when I first started going to college, I was completely accustomed to one group of friends and didn't meet new people too often in high school. So going to college for me was a whole new experience where I had to learn how to meet new people. However, after having been to two different colleges (Phoenix College and Arizona State University), I've gotten the swing of things and am now pretty good at making new friends all the time.

I go to ASU, and there are quite literally 70,000 other people who go there. There is just a TON of people, and we're one of the biggest colleges in the United States. So it's no surprise that I've met quite a few people in the year and a half I've been going there. The key to meeting new people is really just as easy as going up to people you don't know and initiating conversations.

One of the easiest ways to get to know people is to keep your eyes open for people you already know, either from a class, from a previous school, or someone you've talked to before, and just drop by to say "hi" even if you've gotta run off to your next class or are just ready to go home. Often times, they will be talking to another one of their friends, and its a great opportunity to exchange names and get to know some new people.

How to meet people in College!
Another great thing to do if you have the time is to just find a club or student organization that you're interested in and just go check it out. It doesn't matter if you don't know anyone there or if you think it's not something you'd want to be deeply involved in, who knows, you will probably meet some pretty awesome people and maybe even find a club that you really love. And from my experience, clubs are always very welcoming and very friendly.

Finally, you can just talk to people. It's not a huge deal, and most people that are either just standing around or sitting somewhere looking bored probably would really appreciate having someone to talk to. Literally, all I do is go up to someone and say "Hey, mind if I join you?" and then bam! instantly made a new friend/acquaintance. It's pretty simple really. Give it a try, be bold. Just do it.