Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Why Do I Have Such Bad Study Habits?

It's Spring Break now, but I recently went on the My.Asu website and saw that in my Calc II class I'm currently getting an E, which is an F in case you didn't know. This is entirely due to the fact that I haven't really shown up to class for the past couple of weeks, and it really really bugs me. I mean, this is my second time taking Calc II, and if I had just shown up instead of missing class, I wouldn't now be at the mercy of my teacher. It is just getting so tough to get good grades and maintain focus. I just feel exhausted all of the time, and I seriously don't think I'm going to take 12 credits next semester (namely because I don't need to). It is just getting to be way more than what I want to deal with right now.

If I fail Calc II again, I will have to simply retake it, but the main problem for me is that I will have to choose between A) taking it during the Summer B) taking an additional semester on top of the extra time its taking me to graduate or C) dropping any plans of getting a degree in economics and just being satisfied with my political science degree for right now.

And let's face it, for what I want to do (Education reform advocacy) I don't really need to have a degree in economics. But I will have to understand it at some point to make the real important changes with a great amount of success, and the best way to do that is through education.

But other than that, I finally have food in my cupboards but now my bank account is nearly empty. But DAMN its nice to eat again.

Ugh... school.... please be over for the semester soon.

But MUNFW is coming up, and that is going to be so so so so so much fun. In fact, even if I ever do get my PhD and graduate for good, I might still go to ASU just to go to the MUNFW. =3 It's my guilty pleasure.


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