Thursday, April 5, 2012

Why Do Frozen Hamburger Patties Taste So Bad?

Man.... I made a huge mistake. That's right! I bought frozen hamburger patties.

I thought, "Oh, these are cheaper and convenient!" But it turns out that they are nothing but disgusting. I mean, really. These things are practically flavorless, they have a weird texture (despite how many different ways I try to cook them), and somehow they don't even seem like real meat! I mean, when you get them, they are white for God's sake! WHITE! When was the last time you ever saw white hamburger? Me? Last time I opened my freezer and saw those terrible hamburger patties staring me in the face.

And the worst part is that there are so many of them -- 16 in a box. And I just can't stand to waste my money by simply throwing them out. Ugh! I'll have to force them down my throat one by one.

To be honest, they aren't completely horrible if you ignore the fact that they are supposed to taste like hamburger, put tons of seasoning on them, and drown out the flavor with ketchup. But I would have rather taken my chances with those nasty veggie burgers than ever buy those stupid things again. Don't do it!

This has led me to an interesting revelation. That is, even though I'm poor and living on a college student budget, I can still eat pretty decent foods. Like for instance, have you ever had freshly pureed tomato sauce? It's AMAZING! It's way better than that crap you buy in the can! Which makes me think I should put a lot more effort into getting all kinds of foods I can make from scratch because in the end, it's usually cheaper, healthier and better tasting.

There are some things I will probably still get premade, like frozen burritos. I mean, they are delicious and horrendously inexpensive. But for the most part, I will probably try and stick to fresh, home-made food from now on. After all, it doesn't take an amazing amount of creativity to figure out how to make flavored rice or pasta sauce.


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  1. You're so right! Those things are terrible and revolting. That's why I'm making them for my soon to be ex-husband for 'dinner'. HAHHAHA I'm mean, I know, but oooh, sweet revenge! ;)