Other Sites

- Gold stars indicate sites with copious amounts of awesome!

Colbert Watchdog
Simply put, this site is all about the Colbert Report. I created this site to discuss, review, and inform about the Colbert Report.

Facts or "Facts?"
This is one of my favorite sites! This is a site dedicated to reporting recent news with a sarcastic tone meant to excite humor and critical opinion. Inspired from great shows like The Colbert Report, The Daily Show With John Stewart, and Saturday Night Live, we aim to expand this site into one of our great on-going projects.

So far, it's just growing, but I hope to expand it as I find more interesting stories to report on. We also have plans to incorporate videos to enhance your viewing experience (as soon as we have the software we need).

Honorable Mention
This site is gonna be great! Inspired by my desire to "get the word out" about various awesome sites (the first of which is asdf.com), I have decided to make an entire site dedicated to awesome sites!

Ever wonder what you're missing on the internet?

Mentally Unsure
Admittedly, this site is slow-growing. I only update it every so often, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. I made this site so that I had a place to ramble on about just about anything that I felt like. That means, I only update it whenever I have something particularly relevant to talk about.

The other advantage of this site is that it doesn't have any particular subject matter. So when I don't have a specific site designed to talk about certain things, this is where it goes.

Online Game Ranking
The home of the Sexiest Reviews On The Web! This site is definitely one of my favorites. I get to go and explore different online games and tell you how good I think they are! Sites are ranked on a 5-star ranking system, and they are even ordered from best to worst (in the best games page) and vice-versa (in the worst games page).

I even tackle popular online games like Habbo Hotel!

Worst Web Comics
Despite the fact that this site has a star, don't be fooled, this site is quite awful, and you will regret going here. Whatever you do, don't click that link!

 Acne Treatment
So far, this site is rather small. However, we hope to expand it as we learn more about treating acne. It offers simple suggestions about treating acne that one can use instead of expensive acne treatment products.

This is a pretty simple site about dating. It takes Aldrich's equation for voting and reexamines the equation as it could apply to dating.

Right now, there are no current plans to expand this site. However, check back later and perhaps I will delve deeper into the nature of relationships.

Scholarly Works
This site is full of essays written by myself. It covers subjects from the American Revolution to why we have political parties.

Vampire Diaries 
This site is magnificent! I've never seen Vampire Diaries myself, as I rarely watch tv, but my partner-in-crime Fox has, and I have to say, this site is beautifully done. Even if you're not a fan of the show, you can definitely appreciate how wonderfully this site is laid out.

If you are a fan of Vampire Diaries or you think it might be something you'd be interested in, this is a great place to go! It provides useful information about the show to viewers in a very organized, planned out presentation.